The Resource Management Act 1991 requires resource consent applications to include an Assessment of Effects on the Environment (AEE).  An AEE should include amongst other matters, a description of the proposal, an assessment of actual and potential effects on the environment from the proposed activity, mitigation measures to help reduce the actual or potential effects, identification of persons interested in or affected by the proposal and depending on the scale of the proposal an assessment of alternatives and monitoring methods.


REM is experienced in drafting and lodging AEE's with councils and are able to follow the process through to granting of the consent.  For large scale projects the AEE may require input from a variety of technical experts depending on the environmental effects that could arise from the proposal.  In addition to our in-house water quality, air quality and environmental engineering expertise, REM has created a significant network of experienced technical advisors that can be called upon to provide the relevant technical input on AEE's.   REM are able to coordinate the technical input required to deliver resource consents.  Hence, REM offer a one stop shop in terms of applying for and gaining resource consents.


Please email Craig Welsh for more information regarding Assessment of Effects on the Environment.